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Looking for free images to enhance your content?

People are always looking for any way they can to save a little money without compromising their content. 

For music, the term ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. While you can find some free music online, it almost always does more damage than good. We do offer a selection of free elements like SFX and drum loops on Sid Sonic ( ), but for music tracks that make a difference, you’re probably going to have to part with at least a little bit of money. As you probably know we offer premium music at the most cost-effective prices anywhere. Individual tracks $8-$30, Unlimited downloads $100/year.

Okay, on to the reason you’re reading this. We’ve found a few pretty good places where you can get stock images for free. Here they are:
1. PicJumbo- Over 600 free hi-res images

2. Pixabay- Over 100k images

3. IM Free- A lot of free stuff in this section

4. Gratisography- A nice selection of free images

5. Unsplash- Worth a look

In summing up, I think using free content in small amounts as part of your project is a good thing. I also think that a person needs to believe in what they’re doing enough to make sure it stands up to the competition. This often means an increase in budget spending. Over the last decade, I’ve found that most clients can’t project how things will be and need to see mock-ups in a near finished state. This can sometimes be problematic and expensive, but this is the new reality. Make you project the best it can be so that it has the best chance to succeed.

As always, feel free to send in questions or comments.