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How do I know if my stock music is legal?

This is a question that comes up every now and then so I thought I’d address it. One of the big problems is that virtually all royalty-free music sites don’t own any of the music they license. They are marketplaces that allow content creators to put up their music and then split the revenue that comes in. It is impossible for these companies to make sure that the content creators actually own the music they are putting up. Having said this, the bigger companies will help you through these issues, but you can incur large costs and time delays by having to redo your project.
Here’s what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen.
One of the only ways to ensure that you won’t have any issues is to license from places that own all of their content or at least own the publishing to the tracks they license. The major record companies all have production music licensing companies but these are very expensive and usually have complex license terms. At Sid Sonic, we are the only major production music company that owns 100% of its content. This includes publishing and every master recording. This is why clients like dealing with us. Not to mention our amazing content, awesome user interface easy search engine. Okay, enough about us. It really comes down to trusting who you license from. Do your research and ask questions.

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