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Should I go with the safe music option in my video?

This is an interesting one. Most times people tend to go with the safe option without understanding that they did and I think it’s usually a bad thing.
Here’s why.
Whether your video is going to be viewed on television or on Youtube, you’re likely going to be in tough to get people to watch it. This doesn’t have anything to do with its quality, but mostly because of the amount of content that is available everywhere. To me, this means you have to do everything in your power to make it stand out and not blend in.

Music is one way that you can blend in or stand out.
I’ve worked on hundreds of projects in my career and more often than not, I’ve found that clients choose music that feels like it fits their idea of what a commercial/television show/video should sound like. I don’t fault them for this and understand how it happens. People are sometimes afraid of using an unconventional music choice because of the repercussions that could come from an unsuccessful project. It’s easier to blame an unconventional choice than a safe one even though the safe one likely had more to do with the lack of success.

Think about things you’ve seen and heard that stand out. They are almost never the safe choice. It takes guts to push it, but can have a very positive outcome.
Here at Sid Sonic, we’ve worked very hard to bring our clients a robust search experience for exactly this purpose. Not only can you search via genre, but also via mood, instrument and tempo.
I would most definitely suggest searching through many genres and styles when looking for your next piece of music. From world music to percussive orchestral music and everywhere in between, choose music that is interesting and has unique characteristics. Put them up against your video and I bet you’ll find a very interesting match that you never thought would work. The end result will be a video that stands out in a very crowded landscape.

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