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The effect of music in your YouTube video

As we all know, music is everywhere and such an important part of most of our lives. It helps us through things, makes us feel better and distracts us from some of the things we need distracting from.
Deciding that you’re going to produce a video and upload it to Youtube means trying to make something that will engage and keep the viewer interested throughout.
Music can be and usually is an essential part of any video. How much of it is up for debate. I think this depends on what the content is. For example; how much voiceover is there, what are the actual scenes comprised of, etc.
Some video creators always use wall-to-wall music in their videos. I’m not convinced this should be a rule. I think that sometimes wall-to-wall music can make the music less effective. This is because people can tend to tune out something that is consistent and doesn’t give their ears a break.
Think about when you’re watching a movie and a music track comes in after a bit of silence. It has more impact and draws you in emotionally. I like to think of music as an extra actor that can bring something to the project. It shouldn’t be there if it doesn’t add anything.

In summing up, I’d say that music is vitally important to your Youtube video, but how it is used is even more important. A bit of silence is often a good thing with regard to music. Try to look at the big picture and create a landscape for your music soundtrack that has dynamics and builds appropriately.

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