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How can I make using stock music seem like I’m not using stock music?

Here’s the thing. A lot of people don’t have big enough budgets to hire composers for their projects and often need to use stock music. Over the past few years stock music has gotten so good that it has become a preference rather than a necessity.
A few things to consider to get the most out of your stock music. Hire a good audio engineer/editor. At Sid Sonic we offer multiple versions of each theme we produce to give clients the most flexibility. Having said this, you may be better off licensing the 4:30 version rather than the :30 second version even if you’re doing a :30 commercial. Why? Well, a good audio engineer can edit that 4:30 into a :30 second track that moves along perfectly with the flow of your :30 commercial. Immediately your project is much better than just using a :30 second track that may or may not move in concert with your dialogue or visuals.
Secondly, using volume, dynamics, compression, effects and equalization can customize your music and make it fit better with the other elements going on. Again, this relies on a good audio engineer.
One last thing I’d mention is that picking a track that is a little unique and not ‘safe’ sounding is the best way to solve this. It’ll make your project stand out and that’s always the goal. Don’t just fill the space with anything that has a beat. Find a cool track that brings something to the project. I spoken about this in other posts before and find that it is something I try to convey on an ongoing basis.

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